The Ambition Collision

This article my Lisa Miller brings up a lot things I feel embarrassed to admit.

As a son, brother, colleague, member of society, I guess our work is not done here. Women are still not treated as equals and catch themselves wondering if they should retreat back to the status quo. Forget that. I hope we press on and break down the glass ceilings that we are aware of and the ones that we have yet to discover.

The myth of female empowerment has always been on a collision course with the reality.

Another interesting highlight from the article:

 “I think possibly work has replaced ‘and they got married and lived happily ever after,’ and that is a false promise,” says Ellen Galinsky, co-founder of the Families and Work Institute. “Everyone needs to have more than one thing in their life. We find people who are dual-centric to be most satisfied. If people put an equivalent stress on their life outside of their job they get further ahead and are more satisfied at their job.”

What Responsibility Does Facebook Have For Disseminating News?

Pretty cool NYT article (here), discussing the role Facebook plays in sharing important information.

In the article, it mentions a MIT/Harvard study about how news is shared on platforms like Facebook:

The findings partially echoed a long-held worry about social news: that people would use sites like Facebook to cocoon themselves into self-reinforcing bubbles of confirmatory ideas, to the detriment of civility and a shared factual basis from which to make collective, democratic decisions.

The Secret About Secrets

Here’s an interesting piece about how government leaks are treated then and now by Malcolm Gladwell. (Check it out  here)

Ellsberg’s behavior brings to mind what the sociologist Beryl Bellman refers to as “the paradox of secrecy.” When a secret is disclosed, Bellman observes, the holders of secrets say “Don’t tell anyone” even as they are, of course, telling someone: “The respondent is instructed to disregard the telling as an exposing and to treat the occasion as an exception to the rule of not talking secrets.” As Bellman explains, a secret isn’t invalidated by its disclosure; it’s defined by its disclosure. What makes a secret a secret is simply the set of operating instructions that accompany its movement from one person to the next.


Challenged Athletes Foundation 2016

Hanging out with JJ last year.
Hanging out with JJ last year.


This year I will competing in the full CAF Triathlon for Team JJ. JJ was born with multiple birth defects including Werner Mesomelic Dysplasia with Hirschsprungs and a heart disease called Double Outlet Right Ventricle. Following multiple surgeries and almost dying after his first heart surgery JJ is ready to live life to the fullest. This 6 year old boy brings smiles to people’s faces as he overcomes the difficulties associated with having both of his legs amputated above the knees.

My goal is to raise $600 for the foundation. Any donation is more than appreciated. If you’re interested you can donate here.